3 Splendid Virtual Private Networks You Can Use Right Now for Xbox

VPNs, i.e., Virtual Private Networks, are an essential component for gaming. It not only gives access to games present in servers in different countries but also prevents data throttling by employing the method of encryption. And, in the present year, you can easily activate the top three Virtual Private Networks to ensure anonymity and toContinue reading “3 Splendid Virtual Private Networks You Can Use Right Now for Xbox”

How to Lock Notes in iOS Devices?

Notes app is one of the best and preferred choices of millions of users for taking important notes for further use. Nowadays, security is one of the most important aspects of securing important data on our devices. Thus, the introduction of new update of iPadOS 14 and iOS 14 became a prominent source to provideContinue reading “How to Lock Notes in iOS Devices?”

How to Open RAW Files on Windows 10 PC?

The RAW image is an uncompressed image file format that is just like negative films, and that’s why you can’t use it directly. To use the RAW image, you need to open the same in a usable format on your device. RAW files can be easily processed into viewable formats on your PC or laptopContinue reading “How to Open RAW Files on Windows 10 PC?”

How to Sync Notes on iPhone and iPad?

Apple has provided a particular app to jot down anything that comes to your mind. It’s the Notes app by which you can easily write down your thoughts, anything that seems important to you. Notes app provides a platform to write down and store anything in the form of notes. You can create To-do lists,Continue reading “How to Sync Notes on iPhone and iPad?”

How to Customize App Icons with Shortcuts App

Last year Apple launched iOS 14 with plenty of new features and improved UI. Among several interesting iOS 14 features, the app customization feature is currently in the spotlight. It is true that a lot of iOS users were waiting for this feature, and now when it is available, users can explore how it works.Continue reading “How to Customize App Icons with Shortcuts App”

How to Create or Add a Signature for Your PDF on PC

In these last few years, the use of PDF (Portable Document Format)has grown tremendously. Nowadays, people highly prefer to create a PDF file because they can easily share it and be printed. Just like handwritten documents, people need to sign on PDF documents using their computer. You may don’t know, but you can create digitalContinue reading “How to Create or Add a Signature for Your PDF on PC”

How to Share your iPhone Screen to Facebook Messenger?

If your friends, family members, colleagues, business clients are connected with you on Facebook Messenger, you can share your screen with them. Facebook has plenty of unique features, which makes interaction with friends and family really fun. Now, the new Facebook Messenger Screen Sharing feature works outstanding with iPadOS and iOS. Undoubtedly, Facebook has theContinue reading “How to Share your iPhone Screen to Facebook Messenger?”

Learn How to Use Chromecast to Get the Best Out of It

The biggest reason people tend to use Google Chromecast more than any other device mirror is that Chromecast is the easiest one. You can mirror your laptop, smartphone on your TV in very simple steps. Google Chromecast has been available for users for a long time, and its app support and a wide variety ofContinue reading “Learn How to Use Chromecast to Get the Best Out of It”

8 Best Google Assistant Secret Features and Tricks

Google Assistant is a powerful and artificially intelligent voice assistant. It is the world’s most successful and productive smart assistant. You could quickly learn using its fundamental features and voice commands barely in a few minutes. However, it also features some hidden and less known voice commands and tricks that you may have never used.Continue reading “8 Best Google Assistant Secret Features and Tricks”

5 Best Laptops for Students

Several manufacturers in the market claim to sell the best student laptops, but actually, they don’t. So how a student should choose a decent laptop for himself/herself; honestly, it’s not an easy task especially when you are not good at tech. However, you don’t have to worry because we are here to help you. InContinue reading “5 Best Laptops for Students”

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