Microsoft Launches First Kid-Friendly ‘Edge Kids Mode’ Browser

Seeing the popularity of Microsoft Edge among users, it has now launched Edge Kids Mode browser. The first-ever browser for kids to provide an online safe place for kids. On the same device, kids can also browse their credentials that are used by adults also. The Edge Kids Mode is available for Windows and MacOS users only.Continue reading “Microsoft Launches First Kid-Friendly ‘Edge Kids Mode’ Browser”

How To Use Norton Cloud Backup Service?

Data loss can be a big headache for anyone. Be it individuals who run small-scale businesses or corporate organizations, losing personal data is no less than a nightmare. Every year, hundreds of companies lose their business due to data loss or data theft. Sometimes the impact shatters the future aspects of the business, and sometimesContinue reading “How To Use Norton Cloud Backup Service?”

Top Tricks to the Get the Most Out of HomePod Mini Using

HomePod Mini is cheaper, smaller, but a fantastic smart speaker with a lot of capabilities. Anything that users were able to do in HomePod can now perform in HomePod Mini as well. Now, whether you have brought HomePod Mini just now or at the launch day, you can still get the most out of it.Continue reading “Top Tricks to the Get the Most Out of HomePod Mini Using”

Top Hidden iPhone Features in iOS 14

Apple is continuously adding new features to improve user experience and privacy into iOS 14/iPadOS 14. Right now, iOS 14.4 is available for users, and iOS 14.5 is yet to arrive in a couple of weeks. iOS 14.4 added the Fitness Plus, and a couple of security fixes, but there are still a lot ofContinue reading “Top Hidden iPhone Features in iOS 14”

Car Thing: A Spotify Smart Player For The Car

Car Thing introduced by music streaming platform Spotify has introduced a new device for playing your favorite music in the car. But, it does share a lot of features similar to the smartphone we use every day. The music streaming platform Spotify has finally revealed its new device  Car thing that you can use toContinue reading “Car Thing: A Spotify Smart Player For The Car”

The Topmost Pre-Installed iPhone Apps You Never Use

There may be several apps preloaded on the iPhone lineup of Apple that may go unused or unwanted. However, some of them may end up in hidden gems if once given a trial. Apple loads almost 50 pre-installed apps on a new iPhone to take care of everyday needs. Many of these apps are usedContinue reading “The Topmost Pre-Installed iPhone Apps You Never Use”

How to Customize App Icons with Shortcuts App

Last year Apple launched iOS 14 with plenty of new features and improved UI. Among several interesting iOS 14 features, the app customization feature is currently in the spotlight. It is true that a lot of iOS users were waiting for this feature, and now when it is available, users can explore how it works.Continue reading “How to Customize App Icons with Shortcuts App”

How to Create or Add a Signature for Your PDF on PC

In these last few years, the use of PDF (Portable Document Format)has grown tremendously. Nowadays, people highly prefer to create a PDF file because they can easily share it and be printed. Just like handwritten documents, people need to sign on PDF documents using their computer. You may don’t know, but you can create digitalContinue reading “How to Create or Add a Signature for Your PDF on PC”

How to Create an Apple ID on Mac

Creating an Apple ID in iPad, iPhone and Mac is a pretty simple process, and you can create an Apple ID in a couple of ways. In Mac, iPad or iPhone, if you wish to download any app or game, you must have an Apple ID. With an Apple ID, you can’t download and installContinue reading “How to Create an Apple ID on Mac”

How to Watch Netflix with Friends using Teleparty

Right now the usage of streaming service platforms like Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Videos, and many more have increased a lot. Going out for a party and meeting with friends in the cinema is now not a preferred option for the majority of people. And the reason is they have found a better way toContinue reading “How to Watch Netflix with Friends using Teleparty”

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