AI Uses Swarm Intelligence and Machine Learning to Detect Various Chronic Diseases

A new report published by Medical Xpress suggests that Artificial Intelligence research has led to the creation of an algorithm that utilizes the concept of swarm intelligence to aid in the detection of some life-threatening diseases such as cancer, COVID 19, and chronic lung illness. 

One of the primary aspects of intelligence is sharing the data. History reveals to us that different communities always have long-lasting benefits if they share their experience and knowledge and let different viewpoints exist. Now, a newly coined concept called “Swarm Intelligence” follows the same approach of sharing knowledge, and an international research firm has employed it to design such AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms that can easily detect chronic diseases such as lung problems, cancer, and even COVID 19. And, even more, the data stored by such algorithms will be in a decentralized fashion. 

Some have theorized that this kind of approach will prove to be beneficial than the old methods used by researchers because it is intrinsically connected to technologies associated with privacy preservation and uses the approach of cross-site examination of scientific information. “Swarming Intelligence” could have a positive influence in the research field in the coming years because it inherently advocates for cooperation and information sharing, especially in the domain of medical science. If you would like to know more about it, you should proceed to read the latest scientific journal called “Nature” from several credible sources like the University of Bonn, DZNE, HPE, and other research-oriented institutions. 

Well, we are ushering into an age where digital media dictates the terms of almost everything we know, and gradually all the scientific disciplines will be further pursued, keeping all the digital implications in mind. We also have something called “big data,” which is useful in examining and classifying large files, and it should offer benefits to the field of medicine looking for better diagnosing and treatment of a certain disease. 

Joachim Schultze, who holds the position of Director of Systems Medicine at AZNE, has enthused about the future of medical science and has said that scientific data related to medicine is nothing short of a treasure as it defines therapeutic solutions to each patient with more accuracy than what traditional approach could ever achieve. He alluded to the fact that it is now a responsibility of the scientific research team to use the scientific data with care and also bring numerous sources into play so that the treatment offered could reach an accuracy level as high as possible. 

However, we should be careful before we go too ahead of ourselves because sharing of data between different institutes and countries is a subject of sovereign and data protection laws. And, with the advent of AI technology, there is a need for a little change, and that change can only be brought forward with a little effort. Another facet we should be wary of about information sharing is the fact that there are some technological barriers to look forward to as well. When we speak about sending out a large amount of information, there are data lines that will reach the apex point of performance limit and will be unable to exceed that limit any further. 

And, hence, there are institutes and experts that feel that sharing information is an expensive and implausible scenario, and they prefer to work with whatever they got locally and strive hard to conjure up something based solely on local information. 

Meta Description Data Sharing-AI technology is looking to positively influence the medical field with the help of machine learning and something called “Swarm Intelligence.”

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