How to Boot in Safe Mode on Apple Silicon M1 Mac

Booting up the Apple Silicon M1 Mac requires the user to follow a simple method, and it is even possible in Safe Mode. Booting in Safe Mode can sort out several issues, and can even identify whether the problem is related to macOS software or hardware. If you have recently brought Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Mini, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, then you must learn booting in Safe Mode. Booting process in M1 Mac devices is slightly different, but not difficult. 

Positive thing about Safe Mode is that it boots the device smoothly while preventing the installed software or tools from opening while booting. Sometimes Macs don’t boot properly because of the installed tools and software, and that’s why Safe Mode is important. Safe Mode while booting doesn’t only make booting easier, but also check its startup disk.

In M1 Mac, you can’t just start booting in Safe Mode through force restart. You have to follow a different method in your Silicon M1 Mac, and here’s the guide to boot in Safe Mode.

How to Boot in Safe Mode on Apple M1 Mac

In Intel-based MacBooks, Shift key activates the Safe Mode during the booting process, but in the new M1 Mac, this method doesn’t work. So now follow the new method:

  • Turn on your MacBook, and press on the Apple icon in the menu bar.
  • Select Shut Down from the drop-down tab.
  • While your Mac is turning off, press and hold the Touch ID to start booting.
  • Hold the Power button or Touch ID while the Apple logo is appearing on the screen.
  • Now Loading startup options will appear below the Apple logo.
  • Now move the cursor to the Startup disk and press Continue.
  • Tap Shift key on the keyboard.
  • Now click on Continue in Safe Mode below the Startup disk.
  • You’ll see the login section on the screen.

So this is everything you must do to activate Safe Mode during booting the M1 Mac.

After following the steps, the login screen will appear, and it will be the normal login screen. You simply need to type your email and password to login into your Mac, but it can take some time during booting. The reason behind taking extra time to log in the account is because the Mac performs FirstAid checkup. After the checkup is done, your Mac will work in the same way as before, but some apps might misbehave. 


The boot method in Safe Mode can solve a lot of hardware and software problems. But before getting into the booting method, make sure to the software update the macOS and take a full backup of apps and important files. 

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