How to Add Notes Using HomePod

Have you ever used the Notes app to create a to-do list, events, meetings or any other information? If not, then you should give it a try and make notes to remember things. You can create notes manually by opening the Notes app. However, if you want to experience some fun and relaxation while creating notes, you can try out HomePod. HomePod can hear your commands and do tasks quickly as you say.

Creating notes manually is not a tough task, but sometimes there are conditions when you just can’t access your device, and then HomePod comes to help. HomePod is associated with Siri, and this voice assistant is the one to hear and understand your commands and will respond according to it.

The way you access Siri on your iPad, iPhone or Mac, you have to follow the same way to access Siri in HomePod. Siri will always be ready to hear your commands, so you’ll only need to say Hey Siri, and speak what you want to know or something you want Siri to do like Create a Note. So if you find this helpful, here’s how you can add or create notes using HomePod.

How to Add Notes Using HomePod

To add notes through the voice assistant, you don’t need to have any specific HomePod model since every HomePod has Siri enabled. But remember to keep the firmware of HomePod up to date.

  • Now say, Hey Siriadd a note and name it Monthly Events.
  • Before adding a note, Siri will confirm it, and you simply need to say in Yes or No to confirm the command.
  • Once the note is successfully created, you can edit it by saying, Hey Siri, edit the Monthly Events note.

So that’s all you have to do to create and edit a note using HomePod. The great thing about here is that once a note is added, it will sync across every device that is connected with a similar Apple ID including Mac, iPad or iPhone.

You can add and edit your added notes using HomePod, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to delete the added notes. The feature of deleting notes is currently not available, so you can’t access it in any way. However, if Apple launches an update to Siri in future, then you might be able to access some certain features that aren’t available yet.


Apple HomePod is an incredible device and can be useful in several situations. Playing music, creating notes, adding calendar events, calling someone particular or any query, you can ask by simple commands. You can also control smart devices in your home using Home app and HomePod.

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