Learn How to Use Chromecast to Get the Best Out of It

The biggest reason people tend to use Google Chromecast more than any other device mirror is that Chromecast is the easiest one. You can mirror your laptop, smartphone on your TV in very simple steps. Google Chromecast has been available for users for a long time, and its app support and a wide variety of features are just getting better continuously. Whatever you’re watching on your laptop or smartphone, you can watch it on your smart TV or Google TV and get the best experience. So if you’re not aware of the procedure, here’s how to do it:

How to Cast a Supported Application to Chromecast

  • Launch any preferred media application.
  • Click the cast sign.
  • Choose Chromecast to cast your content.

Just after choosing Chromecast, whatever you are watching on your app will now appear on your TV. Even if you’re watching a music video, you’ll see it playing on TV with sound. If you feel like your smartphone or laptop has less sound, you can always rely on Chromecast and cast the content on your TV.

How to Cast the Chrome Browser tab to Chromecast

If the app isn’t supporting Chromecast, you can try out some different methods as well. You can still cast whatever you like by using the Chrome browser. Chrome has a casting feature in it, and you just have to find it and use it.

  • Visit any preferred website on Chrome browser.
  • Press the three dots at the top right side.
  • Press Cast.
  • Let the server scan nearby Chromecast.
  • Choose the preferred Chromecast you wish to use.

So just after following the steps, the opened website will begin to appear on your TV. Along with the video, you can hear audio as well and can control the playback feature through your connected smartphone or laptop. To stop casting, you’ll only have to close the tab, and casting will stop.

How to Cast Chromebook Screen to Chromecast

  • Press Time at the lower right side.
  • Press Cast.
  • Choose Chromecast.

Once you choose Chromecast, you’ll see all nearby Chromecast screens, but you should choose only yours. Make sure you choose your TV to see your content on your TV. To turn off casting, you can directly turn off or Stop Chromecast from your Chromebook or the device you’re casting to.


Casting smartphone or laptop displays doesn’t take much effort, and Google apps like YouTube, Google Chrome have built-in casting features to use. First, you need to turn on casting on your smart TV and then let the app search for the nearby available device to cast the screen.

Meta: Turn on Chromecast on TV and search for the device from the app on a laptop or smartphone. Pick the screen to cast the content and start viewing on TV with audio and video.

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