How to Share your iPhone Screen to Facebook Messenger?

If your friends, family members, colleagues, business clients are connected with you on Facebook Messenger, you can share your screen with them. Facebook has plenty of unique features, which makes interaction with friends and family really fun. Now, the new Facebook Messenger Screen Sharing feature works outstanding with iPadOS and iOS.

Undoubtedly, Facebook has the highest number of active users since the users can’t only post their memories but can also interact with strangers, family, and friends. Users that are connected on Facebook can interact with each other on Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger doesn’t just allow text chat but also enables users to make video and audio calls. Plus, you can use the Screen Sharing feature to show what’s happening on your iPad or iPhone’s display.

You can even use the Screen Sharing feature during the video call and show things in front of you. So, if you find this feature helpful, here’s the guide to use it on your iPhone and iPad device using Facebook Messenger. 

Use Facebook Messenger Screen Share on iPad and iPhone

To use the Screen Share feature on Facebook Messenger, make sure your iPad and iPhone are running on iPadOS 14 and iOS 14 with screen recording turned on. Plus, keep your Facebook Messenger updated as well, and follow the steps below:

  • Launch Facebook Messenger once you login to your Facebook account.
  • Now choose a conversation to open.
  • Click the Video calling icon at the top right side.
  • Once your video call is accepted, swipe up to open more features.
  • Now click the Share Your Screen option to proceed further.
  • If you turn on the Screen Share feature, your camera will be turned off, and the user on your call will see what’s happening on your display.
  • Press the Start Sharing option.
  • Now a Screen Broadcast window will open under the Control Center tab.
  • Press the Start Broadcast option.
  • Once the countdown begins, you can exit from the Control Center.
  • Once the screen sharing begins, you’ll see the notification at the top of your screen.
  • Open any app or file to show the other user.
  • Once you’ve decided to end the screen-sharing, get back to Facebook Messenger and click STOP over your screen.

So yes, this is how you can start using the screen sharing feature on Facebook Messenger seamlessly. Great thing about this feature is that you can start and stop your screen sharing anytime you want. Even if you wish to capture a photo during the call, you can press the shutter button.

This fantastic feature of Facebook Messenger is available for both iOS and Android devices, and the procedure of using it is the same. However, if you’re not on Facebook but want to use the same feature, you can try out some different video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Skype. In both Skype and Zoom, the procedure of using screen sharing is slightly similar. 


The screen sharing feature is helpful mainly during an educational and business meeting session. Users can share their projects, graphs, files with every user connected to the video conference. Now, Zoom and Skype allow a great number of users to connect over a single call.


Try out the Facebook Messenger Screen Sharing feature on iPad and iPhone. Open Facebook Messenger, and start a video call. Now slide up and press Screen Sharing.

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