Best Electric Bikes for Off-roading

A few years ago, E-hybrids were ruling the streets and more people and cycling enthusiasts were interested in getting one for themselves. These bikes targeted people who wanted a little push to ride up hills or increase their speed with a bit of extra help.

Technology changes frequently, and our needs change too. Unlike the E-hybrids, the new road Ebikes are changing the way people ride their bikes. With drop handlebars and a sportier look, the road Ebikes are more feasible than the conventional gravel bikes we have seen in the past. With the semi-automatic feature and a light-body design, people are moving towards road Ebikes, and from the best-known manufactures, here are the five best electric road bikes you can buy right now.

Scott Addict eRide Premium

scott addict

An aerodynamic design interlaced with Scott’s top-spec HMX carbon, the Scott Addict eRide Premium is the mountain bike you wish you had. Powered by the Mahle ebikemotion rear hub motor, tuned inside the down tube to make the bike more appealing and cleaner. The motor automation kicks in when you are taking a cut, and you feel supported while riding down curved surfaces, including off-roads. Another benefit is the lightness of the vehicle that weighs only 1,040g for the frame. Priced at £8,349.00 RRP, the Scott Addict eRide Premium is the bike for all the cycling fanatics.

● Clean and aerodynamic design.

● Drop-bar for easy steering.

● Ebikemotion app integration.

Cannondale SuperSix Evo Neo 2

The Cannondale SuperSix Evo Neo 2 comes with Mahle Ebikemotion rear hub motor, the same motor used in Scott Addict eRide Premium. The design and color scheme on Cannondale SuperSix Evo Neo 2 resembles a sports car or a superbike, with cool-looking graphics and ultra-slim design. The chassis is super light, which makes the rider feel in control, and the motor doesn’t overtake the raw riding experience even in low and high steep riding. The Cannondale SuperSix Evo Neo 2 has a 252W/h battery, claimed to give at least a 75km range. If 75Km is not enough, users can opt for an additional battery that mounts into the bottle cage.

● Impressive range with additional battery option.

● Short chainstays for better mobility.

● Affordable price with RRP £5,000.

Cannondale Synapse Neo SE

The impressive Cannondale Synapse Neo SE is a cheaper option if you want to ride on those off-roads with the drop handlebars. While weight is still an issue with this bike, off-roading will be more fun and exciting. Powered by the SRAM Apex gearing box, the Cannondale Synapse Neo SE is a smart and economical choice when your budget is tight. Specially designed for people who want to do off-roading, the bike is fitted with super-wide 47c tires, and weight distribution helps cruise roads where even the mightiest bikes might tremble. Overall the Cannondale Synapse Neo SE is a bang for your buck.

● Economical price.

● Fat tires for better grip.

● Bosch Active Line Plus 250W motor

Focus Paralane² 9.7

The Focus Paralane² 9.7 is the only bike on this list that offers a removable motor. Based on the earlier version of Project Y electric bike, the Focus Paralane² 9.7 is a hybrid electric bike that can be transformed into both an E-hybrids and a regular bike. The power comes from the Fazua system, which puts the rider as the main controller instead of the bike taking over the control. The Focus Paralane² 9.7 includes a minimalist design with dual-tone colors. The battery’s overall weight is 3.5kg, and if we add the total weight, the bike weighs around 11kg, making it lighter than its competitors in the Ebike market.

● Clearance for adding large 35mm tires.

● Removable motor for indoor charging.

● Resistance-free riding with and without the motor.

Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL

Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL is the most expensive road Ebikes on the list, and with the price of this one, you can get yourself a real sports bike. Roval CLX50 aero carbon wheels, Dura-Ace Di2 shifting, and a built-in power meter justify its price. Suppose you are paying such an enormous amount for a bike. In that case, you are surely getting the FutureShock 2.0 headset damper, FACT 11r carbon frameset, long cage Shimano XTR, 130km range, and an unbeatable 320W/h capacity. Still, some buyers might feel a little confused because of the £10,999 price tag, worry not because specialized takes care of its customers, and you can always reach out to them for any queries and discount offers.

● High-end parts for durability and performance.

● Carbon wheels with an in-built power meter.

● Dura-Ace Di2 groupset for smooth and comfortable riding.


While purchasing Ebikes, buyers should pay attention to their needs. Depending upon the terrain, a bike might not give you a smooth ride, and even if you choose a bike that does provide a smooth ride, your preferred landscape makes a lot of difference in your riding experience. Specs like motor type, chainset, tire type, overall weight, technology, and most importantly, the actual cost streamlines your decision making while purchasing any bike. So, make sure to consider these things before purchasing your next Ebike.



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